Sunday, September 23, 2012

Of yoga pants and nursing tanks

I hate buying new clothes. I've been overweight for so long that it usually ends up as an exercise in self-loathing. Plus, I hate spending a lot of money on myself and it just feels like an extravagance that I rarely feel like I really need.

BUT. Then I had a baby.

I've been wearing my maternity clothes a lot since the Snush arrived, because I haven't yet dropped the extra weight and so not much of my pre-pregnancy clothing fits. But my maternity jeans keep sliding down because there's no giant belly to hold the band up anymore. So I've been subsisting in yoga pants and maternity shirts that aren't designed for nursing, so I only wear them when I go out. On top of this, my only "real" bra (ie, not a sports bra or a sleeping bra) that I can nurse in is horribly uncomfortable because the underwire digs in really badly. I have dark spots on my sides from where it's been chafing me. So again, I hardly ever wear it. At home it's usually just a sports bra. Since I work from home, some days I don't even bother changing out of my pajamas.

While it can be nice to stay in your PJs all day every now and then, doing it constantly can really start to bring you down-- I was beginning to feel like (and I suspect resemble) an amorphous mom-blob. So I said enough.

I went with a mom-friend to the outlet mall on Friday with one goal in mind: get a new pair of jeans. Ones that actually fit. She, however, is an enabler (or I just persuade easily), so I went home that day with a pair of jeans and about six new shirts, all tank tops with a stretchy bust and straps so that I could easily drop one shoulder to whip out a boob to nurse. Plus she had filled my head with tales of her comfy underwire-less nursing bra from Target and the intriguing possibility of nursing tanks.

So yesterday was off to Target, where I indeed acquired two new nursing bras, both without underwire, and two nursing tanks, one of which I'm wearing now. And oh my god it's so comfortable I could cry.

I got up this morning and showered before work and got dressed just like a real person! And I feel incredible. And I have wonderful, comfortable new clothes that I can actually nurse in.

Lesson learned: when your body has been through the wringer that is pregnancy and childbirth, it's okay to indulge it with comfortable clothes that fit well. Really, it's okay. You don't have to keep cramming yourself into clothes that weren't designed for your post-partum, nursing body.

My yoga pants are still my best friends, though.

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