Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Official: We're Cloth Only

This milestone happened on Sunday, but I've been sick, so forgive my sluggish posting lately.

We had had some disposable diapers on hand that we were using during the newborn stage where the Snush didn't quite fit into his one-size diapers, and we only had a few newborn size cloth diapers. My mom also had a pack of 'sposies she had bought for use at her house, but we both realized that at the rate we were using them (slowly) he would possibly grow out of them before we used them all. I don't know about you, but I hate wasting money, so I decided to just grit my teeth and use them all up before he grew out of them, and then revel in the joy and glory of being Entirely Cloth Diapers.

Anyway, on Sunday, we used the very last one! And it was glorious! He's been all cloth all the time ever since. We're still adjusting to everything that a cloth only routine entails, like making sure we get to the laundry in time so we don't run out (little danger of that, though, considering how many diapers I've been accumulating...) and figuring out this whole cloth at night phenomenon.

So far I've done a few different things at night: a fitted and cover; a Best Bottom diaper, with one of their overnight inserts and then a regular insert on top of it; or a pocket diaper, double or triple stuffed. Tonight I triple stuffed a Lovely Pocket Diaper, and it doesn't seem to have an issue with leg gaps, fortunately. So far I only had leg gap issues at night once-- when I attempted to double stuff a Blueberry pocket with its own inserts, which is already three layer of microfiber, and a trifolded prefold. I went just a little overboard there.

Since this is really my first week of experimenting with nighttime cloth diapering, I'm still learning! I'll be sure to report on my results and what I like best.

How about you? What's your favorite solution for nighttime? Do you have to do a diaper change in the wee hours in order to make it until morning?

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Mama News! Hooray!

No, not news from me, but news headlines of interest to all of us mamas.

First, there was a disaster at a factory in Japan that may affect global output of disposable diapers-- which points out two things: the unpleasantness of some of the chemicals that go into their manufacture, and also just how lovely it is to have a permanent supply of diapers on hand. I love that I will never have to run to the store in the middle of the night for diapers, or worry about this kind of shortage! If I'm out of diapers, I just need to run the laundry. Hooray for cloth!

Second, medical studies in the United Arab Emirates have proven the presence of a cancer-fighting protein in breastmilk. The study also showed that this protein is not found in any artificial milk at all. This means that breastfed babies enjoy a protection up to 400 times stronger against various childhood cancers than formula fed babies! That's pretty amazing, and makes me so grateful that I was able to conquer my own supply challenges and breastfeed the Snush. I would never want to criticize those mothers who absolutely cannot breastfeed-- it's hard enough without us judging them-- but there are those out there who pooh-pooh the idea that breast really is best. This kind of evidence is wonderful. Hooray breastfeeding!

And third, October 8-14 is International Babywearing Week!

If you've never tried babywearing, it is pretty awesome. I definitely prefer it to having him in the stroller when we're out and about, and I sometimes do it at home. I have three different carriers-- the Moby Wrap, the Baby K'tan, and the ERGOBaby, and I love them all.

If you want to help celebrate International Babywearing Week, check to see if there's a celebrating group near you, or check out some ideas on things to do to celebrate! And always, if you practice babywearing, be sure to do it safely.

That's it for me this morning! Happy Monday!